Hey im Jayann i really like playing outside.

How to make a snowman.1.You make three snow balls one has to be big then one has to be meadium then one has to be small.2.You stack your three snow balls together.3.After that you get one carrot two rocks two sticks and one hat.4.Then you put all thoese things on you snowman. And there you have it a snowman.


My website is all about fun things to do outside.

My favourite things to do outside is go sliding,snow colouring,making ice balbs,making snow hills and playing outside with my friend Jenna.

    what i do outside. I go sliding then me and my friend Jenna make big snow hils then we go inside and have hotchocolate.

    how to make ice balbs. First you get balloons then you put food colouring in it any colour. 2 then you fill it with water and put it outside for the night.Then when you get up in the morning you can go outside and cut them open and thats how you make ice balbs!

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