Hi! I'm Jayann and you know how i love to play outside well...This website is going to be all ABOUT ME!

Hi! I'm Jayann I'm 11 years old My favourite colours are yellow and purple Favourite sport Dance!

I like to hang out with my friends go on walks and do sports. My favourite food is KraftDinner and my favourite sweet is icecream!

My favourite animal is *EVERY ANIMAL!*

What i do in a day!Go to school play outside and be a monkey.Talk about FERRETS!Then i go home and play with friends!

I have been in dance for 6yrs and i love to dance!I also like bball!

-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- -_- -_-_- -_-

my most favourite thing in the hole world is...MY FAMILY,FRIENDS AND PETS!

I have three cats they are super cute the oldests is Cozmo middle oldests is Cheeteh and the baby is Callie...Cozmo is a long haired cat and my two females Callie and Cheetah are short hair cats!So yea thats all i have to say about my three adorable CATS!!!!

My BFF is Jenna i linked her website on here so please go check her out.....Anyways she is super fun and kind and she has llama named Jimmine and she loves BLACK AND FERRETS!!!!!!!!!

go check out bff!